Russell Hay

Seattle Portrait & Boudoir Photographer



* actively shooting this project


Unlike many photographers, I offer all of my products a la carte and charge no sitting fee. You only pay for the prints that you want. Rather than trying to predict what you are going to want and packaging it up, I allow you to pick and make whatever package you decide you want.

Current Specials

LGBT Special

In response to some bigotry I experienced in an online forum, I am offering free photoshoots with no minimum order to all LGBT individuals, couples, and families who are interested in having me take their picture. All you need to do is contact me to get this opportunity.

Make Your Own Package Discounts

Minimum Order Discount
$100.00 0%
$500.00 5%°
$1,500.00 10%

minimum order to book a portrait shoot, due at time of booking
° minimum order to book a boudoir shoot, due at time of booking

Prints Price List

Print Size Special Price1 Regular Price Discount Price2
5x7 $45.00 $85.00 $68.00
8x10 $59.00 $110.00 $89.00
11x14 $149.00 $280.00 $225.00
16x20 $249.00 $470.00 $375.00
20x24 $399.00 $750.00 $599.00
24x30 $599.00 $1,125.00 $899.00
30x40 $899.00 $1,685.00 $1,350.00

1 special pricing is only available if ordered within one (1) week of proof delivery
2 discount pricing is available if ordered within one (1) month of proof delivery * Additional Discount Prices are available. Please call for more details.

Add ons

In addition to fine quality prints, you can include some add-on items, or arrange to keep your proof book.

Keep the Proof Book $8 per proof
Individual Proof Prints $20 per proof
Full Set of Web-Ready Digital Files1 $50
Individual Web-Ready Digital Files2 $15

1 full set will be watermarked in one corner with "Russell Hay Photography"
2 individually purchased files will not be watermarked

About Me

I'm a photographer in the Seattle area who focuses on Portrait and Male Boudoir, a.k.a. Dudoir, photos. I've been photographing people since I started picking up a camera many years ago.

I love working with people and I derive most of my creative drive from working with models and non-models alike. I love to experiment with different creative techniques, different themes, and different color concepts in my photography.

Whether it's a senior portrait session, a dudoir session, or just some headshots for your social media profile, I want to take your picture, so contact me to setup a photo session, or take a look at my pricing page to see how I charge.

My History

I'm originally from a small town in Southern Louisiana called Houma and spent quite a bit of time exploring New Orleans, my heritage and the culture of New Orleans, which is unlike the rest of the south.

After high school and college, I drove across the country, settling in Seattle where I built a life for myself, met my husband, and found two sweet dogs.

In my spare time, I'm a maker, trapeze artist and teacher, and a rock climber.