About Me


I’m a southern-transplant living in the greater Seattle area. I moved to Seattle on a whim when I was 21, and it was the craziest and best decision of my life.

I’m a software engineer by trade, and a creative maker by passion. When I’m not working, I spend a good bit of my time designing new things, tinkering with electronics, and trying my damnedest to incite productive mayhem in those around me.

Before a shoulder injury, I spent eight years as a trapeze artist, putting together a circus to raise money for Seattle Children’s. I was the technical director, helping organize the technical side of running a show, and ensuring everything was rigged as needed.

Now, you can find me hanging out at Parkour Visions, practicing low-line parkour, and trying to perfect smooth, flowing motion.

Icon Credits

All of the icons on this site are taken from the Noun Project. As required, here are the icons used on this site.