Russell Hay

Seattle, WA (206) 201-1854

Safe Passages unreleased 2017

Assistant Director

A smuggler brings an important artist into a more tolerant future.

Kitfo unreleased 2017


An Ethiopian woman struggles with the clash between her cultural identity and her queer identity as she gets ready for her brother’s wedding.

Screened at the TWIST Film Festival 2017

Tableau Datadev Announcement 2017 Watch


Camera Operator


A talking heads video shot on the roof of the Tableau Corporate Headquarters.

The Chase unreleased 2017




Two boys explore a developing love interest through movement and parkour.

Wrote and directed the film as a love letter to the Seattle parkour community and parkour in general.

The Fall unreleased 2017

Assistant Camera

A music video for a Seattle-based, Transgendered Musician.

Shot on location at the Montlake Cut in Seattle, WA.

BFF MoPic Crowdfunding Video unreleased 2017


Assistant Director

A short crowdfunding video to help us shoot and finish our final projects for the BFF MoPic program. I took the initial ideas for the story and fleshed it out into a script. I also acted as the assistant director during preproduction and production.

The One unreleased 2017





Sound Engineer

A short student film about two college friends remembering the best partner they ever had. Shot on location at Fuel Coffee in Seattle, WA

Tableau History Project not publicly available 2017




An internal documentary about the history of Tableau consisting of interviews of the early members of the company.

Trapped unreleased 2017



A woman reunites with her long, lost love who happens to look exactly like her current fling.

This project was a Blueforge Flashpoint Film.

The Hiker

Cinematographer & Gaffer

For Sale By Owner

Director, Producer & Writer

Pick Your Poison

Director & Producer

Diversity Video

Producer, Location Sound & Camera

Directing Rage

Director of Photography, Writer & Producer

Kneading Flesh

Director of Photography, Writer, Unnamed Actor, Stunt Coordinator & Producer

Special Skills