Russell Hay

Cinematographer / Director / Writer

Seattle, WA (206) 201-1854

For Sale By Owner 2016 IMDB Watch




Aspiring house flippers get more than they bargain for when they visit a house for sale by owner.

I directed and partially wrote this short film which was part of the 2016 Seattle 48 hour film horror project.

Pick Your Poison unreleased 2016



A short film about two witches who lure a helpless, young construction worker into a deadly game.

I directed and produced this short film which acted as a trial run for our team for the 48 hour film project. Due to certain rules of certain unions, this was not done for distribution, but added to everyone’s reels.

Diversity Video unreleased 2016


Location Sound


A series of recruiting interviews focusing on diversity and what it means to employees. I was in charge to teaching the employees how to setup the camera, record audio, and off-load footage.

Directing Rage

Director of Photography, Writer & Producer

Kneading Flesh

Director of Photography, Writer, Unnamed Actor, Stunt Coordinator & Producer

Special Skills